• Silver dog crates/cages £28.99

    These silver coated dog crates are rugged, heavy duty dog cages designed for long lasting use. These dog cages fold flat for transport and storage. They are two door dog cages with robust fitted plastic trays. Silver coated finish for a long chip free life. All cages, except the 24", have 2 bolts per door

    For maximum flexibility and to accommodate your future adult labrador we recomend the large size but for a puppy you can start with the small cage. Tip. Further option. Measure your car to select a cage for car travel. Delivery charge included in prices below

    External Sizes (length x width x height ).

    Small 62cm 24" x 44.5cm 17.5" x 51.5cm 20" 6kg £28.99

    Medium 78cm 30.7" x 49cm 19" x 56.5cm 22" 7.2kg £35.00

    Large 93cm 36.5" x 57.5cm 22.5" x 65cm 25.5" 9.5kg £42.00

    XL 42.75" X 27.5" X 30.5 £52.00

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